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    File :1166814003.jpg-(64 KB, 800x600, BIG-CORE.jpg)
    64 KB You sick freaks. Big Core 12/22/06(Fri)14:00 No.2040423  
    What is it with you people? Every day, all I hear is "DESTROY THE CORE! DESTROY THE CORE! DESTROY THE CORE!" You bunch of goddamn sadists. You get off on crushing people's most vulnerable parts. Fucking perverts. Giant alien war machines are people too, you know! Maybe I should start going around screming "STOMP THE TESTICLES! STOMP THE TESTICLES!" whenever I see one of your kind walking down the street. How would you like that, huh?
    >> Anonymous 12/22/06(Fri)14:01 No.2040430
    You have a core. For crying out loud, it's like a huge freakin' target.

    Why don't you just build a better shield in front of the core? Huh? You ever consider that.
    >> Anonymous 12/22/06(Fri)14:02 No.2040433
    Destroy The Core.

    It was a shitty movie.
    >> Smash Daisaku 12/22/06(Fri)14:02 No.2040435
    This is someone's sexual fetish
    >> Anonymous 12/22/06(Fri)14:02 No.2040439
    >> Anonymous 12/22/06(Fri)14:03 No.2040443
    >> Anonymous 12/22/06(Fri)14:05 No.2040460
    burn a bra while you're doing it and no one can arrest you.
    >> Anonymous 12/22/06(Fri)14:08 No.2040487
    If you were out to stomp my testicles, I would take precautions. Why don't you just use some of the indestructible material that makes of the rest of your body to fill the little gap in front of your core?
    >> Gene 12/22/06(Fri)14:11 No.2040512
         File :1166814716.jpg-(4 KB, 130x93, GPTV_God_Hand_PS2_BY_PELCOM_13(...).jpg)
    4 KB

    Did someone call me?
    >> Big Core 12/22/06(Fri)14:16 No.2040551
         File :1166815002.gif-(5 KB, 150x66, shootcore.gif)
    5 KB
    We DO put shields in front of them! More and more with each new model, but you keep blasting through them! Some of us even have core shields that explode into shrapnel when shot at, but it still doesn't discourage you!
    It honestly wouldn't surprise me.
    Impossible. I don't have all day to explain the technicalities of why it's not feasible, and I doubt you'd understand them anyway. So let's just say it doesn't work that way.

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